Currently recruiting!

*UPDATE* Providers who currently refer and/or have previously referred offenders to the impact panels are eligible to participate in this study.

Are you a batterer intervention program provider? Do you refer offenders to the Washington County Survivor Impact Panels?

 Come participate in a conversation with other providers about this aspect of your work. Share your perspective and experience with our research team about the impact of panel attendance on offenders. A complete study description is available below.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to come together with other providers to reflect on your professional role referring offenders to the panel.

Interested in participating? Want more information?

Contact Kate Sackett by email or call 503-725-3955


  • Located in a public health center in SE Portland
  • All participants will receive a $25 gift card and $5 transportation reimbursement
  • Light refreshments provided
  • Responses will be kept confidential
    • Our team does not facilitate the Washington County Survivor Impact Panels. Total responses will be shared with the panel facilitators and will not include any individually-identifying participant information.

Upcoming focus groups are soon to be scheduled.

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Study description:

Our research team is hosting conversations with batterer intervention program providers about their experience referring offenders to survivor impact panels in the Tri-County (Portland, OR) area. Kate Sackett, the primary study contact, has been studying the impact panels over the past two years and attending Tri-County Batterer Intervention Provider Network meetings for a year and a half.

This study will describe the impact of panel participation on both panel attendees and panel speakers, and include the perspectives of survivors, offenders, and batterer intervention program providers. A better understanding of the panel’s impact may help providers reflect on their professional role referring offenders to the panel and understand the possible impacts that panel participation might have on offenders. Findings will be distributed in the community, with the hope that individuals connected to the field of intimate partner violence intervention personally and/or professionally will find them useful and pertinent to their work or other aspects of their lives.